Terms & Conditions

This document takes precedence over all other written, verbal or implied communication.
GA Fuels Ltd (The Company) will provide Aviation Gasoline 100LL only during the hours stated or notified. The Company has no responsibility for the supply of any other product or for the provision of a service outside its normal hours or when LJLA (Liverpool John Lennon Airport) is not operational.

No fuelling will take place when the Company (or the staff of the Company), considers it unsafe to do so. Unless otherwise agreed the published price(s) are subject to change without notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their aircraft is/are identified properly using its/their registration, that AvGas 100LL is the suitable fuel and that the quantity of fuel requested is appropriate at any particular time. No aircraft will be refuelled within any enclosed space, including a hangar. Neither will an aircraft be fuelled if its position poses a danger to the fuelling process or other users.

Fuel filling points must be clearly identified as AvGas 100LL in accordance with CAA guidance. Fuel may be requisitioned by telephone (07377 241541), by email (fuel@gafuels.co.uk) or in person (with identification).

The Company does not guarantee to be able to fuel an aircraft without suitable notice but will always make efforts to meet customer demand. Each customer will be required to provide identification of those persons authorised to request fuel. The Company will maintain a list of such authorisation(s) and it is the customer’s responsibility to keep this list up to date.

In the event of circumstances outside the Company’s control it will not accept any liability for failure to be able to supply fuel.

These terms and conditions require customers to fully comply with the safe working procedures of the Company and require pilots or persons authorised to accept fuel to obey the instructions of the fuel staff. Failure to do so will result in a refusal to fuel an aircraft. A copy of the full Health & Safety information is available for inspection in the company office.

The Company reserves the right to terminate a customer agreement in circumstance it considers necessary. In such circumstances a refund of part of the Fuel Contract monies paid will be at the discretion of GA Fuels Ltd.

Customer Fuel Contract & Bond
Those customers who wish to take advantage of the Fuel Contract price are required to have entered into a contract at the current rate of £144.00 including VAT per annum per aircraft. In addition those customers are also required to place a Bond with the company equivalent to an expected monthly consumption of AvGas for each aircraft. The amount of the Bond will form part of the Contract Terms and will be reviewed quarterly by the Company, or at any time when requested by the customer.

Should for some reason the Bond be insufficient (or is expended within less than one month) the customer will immediately cease to receive the Fuel Contract price and revert instead to paying the Normal Price as published. In such a case payment will be required at the time of fuel delivery using payment identified under ‘Normal Price’ below.

It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the bond at the appropriate level. The Bond shall be maintained at the agreed level using inter-bank transfer or other acceptable means agreed with the Company. If the customer uses other agreed methods then it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the account balance is maintained in credit. Any charges associated with the transfer arrangement are entirely for the customer to pay and/or reimburse the Company.

Normal Price
The company’s  normal price will be advised by telephone or email request . The Company reserves the right to change prices without notice if applicable. The company will not accept payment by cheques, cash, American Express or PayPal. The Company will accept other credit cards for which there are additional charges in respect of each fuel purchase. GA Fuels takes payment for these transactions via MerseyFlight and their charges apply.

Minimum Delivery

The company has not imposed a minimum delivery and certainly for old aircraft such as Tiger Moths it would be inappropriate, however the company considers that the minimum amount of fuel to be uploaded on one delivery should not be less than 20 litres.

Relevant Law
These terms and conditions as well as GA Fuels Ltd contract relationships are governed by English Law.